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About Middle Ridge Winery

Chris checks in on the Idyllbeast.  Making sure his bottle of wine is in good shape.What can you look forward to with Middle Ridge? ... great, award-winning wine made with heart and soul by a winemaker who geeks out on wine chemistry and sharing his passion with others. Our philosophy is simple: to have a conversation with everyone who comes in contact with the winery.  And that's what we love about making Middle Ridge wine - a bottle of wine always seems to start a conversation.

Middle Ridge is a boutique winery headquartered in the mountain arts community of Idyllwild, CA.  The friendliness of the small town inspired winemaker Chris Johnston to bring people together with handcrafted, artisan wines in intimate settings.

Making good wine is a lot of fun.  Winning awards makes it that much more fun.  But the real reward comes when we hear from old friends and new customers.

We hope we’ll hear from you, too.  We invite you to try our wine and let us know what you think.

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