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In this section, we talk about the fun we try to have in the world of wine.  Not all of these are edited well, nor are they meant to be so serious that you can critique any of us.  But here ya go.  Please enjoy.


Melody and Chris HAMMING it up at Cafe Aroma.  Just remember, it smells like wine :)  <Winemaker Chris will, from time to time, want the camera guys to GO AWAY - let me get my wine and my supper...  PLEASE!> 

In Idyllwild, we have some fun friends.  Including friends that built their own three-legged, 300 foot per-leg zipline between their homes.  Here's a little goodie from when we were riding mid-December.   Between storms and certainly cold enough our for snow and ice cicles but still lots of laughs...

How about cooking for friends that helped us out after this wineclub pickup party?  We returned to the "Chateau Chez Maison de la Casa House" (the name of our home in Idyllwild - since most homes here have a name) we were making a late night batch of Italian Beef sandwiches for all.  Paper-thin roasted prime rib on ciabatta rolls.  Some adult beverages were involved...

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