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Winemaker Chris enjoys sharing his winemaking knowledge.  Here are some videos that he puts together from time to time.  Some of these videos are completely amateurish, and some are better than others.   But for the most part, there is some cool information embedded here where you may learn something or simply say "ok".

I have a lot of this stuff that i need to edit and update.  We're talking some serious geek related stuff about how to make wine.  But this is a start of publishing some fun stuff.

Here's a video series about how to make and package your very own sparking wine.  This is geared for home winemakers which tend to ask me a zillion questions at every party or event we hold.  I gladly answer and offer instruction, but i thought some basic informational vids would help. 

Sparkling Winey Part 3:  Disgorgement and Dosage of Sparkling Wine

Here, I speak show you what it is all about disgorging and dosage of your sparkling wine.  In this case, we are working on "La Grenade" aka "Pomiscuous".  I am dosing the now dry, very gassy, sparkling wine with the "liquor dose".  My liquor dose for this product is a very special blend of wine grape juice and high-proof brandy to reach my desired residual sugar (RS) and alcohol percent in the finished product.  BTW - my videographer (Melody) held the smartphone camera the wrong way.

This is Part 4 (or was that 3): Finish Packaging of your Sparkling Wine.  Many home winemakers that are experimenting with sparkling wine have asked me "How do you make those bottles look like they are from a factory"?  Well, here it is - when you are a small-lot manufacturer, you do it all by hand.  This video gives you the needed clues as to how to finish the packaging process.


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